Organization of the Center

This page shows the organizational management structure of the Center for Advanced Solar Photophysics (CASP), an Energy Frontier Research Center. It also describes the roles and responsibilities of the principal investigators and other key staff within the Center. Go to the site and play gry hazardowe bez logowania at our casino. Enjoy youself and win!

Organizational chart that shows the relationship of the Director of the Center for Advanced Solar Photophysics to the Executive Committee, Scientific Advisory Committee, Operations Point-of-Contact, and Spectroscopy Laboratory Coordinator. Also reporting to the Director are the leaders of the three Scientific Thrust Areas: Novel Physical Principles, Charge Manipulation and Exploratory Devices, and Novel Nanoscale Materials.

Organizational management structure of the Center for Advanced Solar Photophysics

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Center Directors

The Center has two directors who guide and manage its scientific and operational activities.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee:

Members of the Executive Committee include:

Operations Point-of-Contact

The Operations POC, Jeff Pietryga:

Spectroscopy Laboratory Coordinator

The Spectroscopy Laboratory Coordinator, Istvan Robel:

Scientific Thrust Leaders

Each of the four research thrust areas has two co-leaders: one has primary responsibility for day-to-day administrative and communication aspects, and the other serves as a scientific advisor to help guide the science of the thrust. The leaders of each of the four thrusts are listed below.

Novel Physical Principles

Charge Manipulation & Exploratory Devices

Novel Nanoscale Materials

Scientific Advisory Committee

The Scientific Advisory Committee consists of distinguished world science leaders in the fields of solar energy capture and nanoscience. The Committee is responsible to

The current members of the Committee are the following: