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How To Create Your Business Listing?

I first hired a search engine optimization firm in the 1990’s for a website business I started called, a job posting website that I sold a few years later. SEO was a great business then, and it’s still a great business today. I lined up my first house painting job with no references and no claims to experience by underbidding established painting businesses and sounding confident that I could do the job. The closest experience I had was painting my model trains and a couple of rowboats.

To learn more about how to start a business see our courses including Start-a-Business 101. For example for children’s parties you could start by just offering magician, clown, face painting or balloon services. Then, he started part time with just himself as the clown. Over time, he had so much demand for his services that he hired a number of other clowns. If you’re thinking about opening a gift shop consider visiting some of the larger gift trade shows to get product ideas – and to get inspired!

Are you looking for financing for a new or existing business? We suggest you start with the course, How to Finance Your Business. They’ll share their experience, wisdom and skills with you. And they’ll guide you through every aspect of building your business. Business ideas, business plans, marketing, how to get started… No matter where you are in your business journey, there is a course just for you.

Each dog’s time at Wags is rotated between different activities – from one-on-one walks with staff to open play with other dogs to naptime. This approach accounts for differences in temperament, provides more personalized attention than most day care facilities offer and maximizes time in a social setting. To cope with the shifting world of retail, Chelsea is actively adapting and retooling her business model in the time of COVID. In the near term, she is transitioning to an online e-commerce shopping experience and adding flexibility in order to providing a safe and enjoyable shopping experience during this stressful time. 76% of local mobile searchers visit a store within a day of their search, and 28% of those visits result in a purchase. With a strong digital presence, local businesses can not only increase their online visibility, but can also drive more consumers to their physical locations.

The Alliance and Portland Community College’s Small Business Development Center offer advising to small business owners at no cost. The one-hour sessions are conducted by professional business advisers and can cover how to incorporate innovative hiring techniques or any other aspect of growing a healthy business. Advising is open to all small business owners, including both Alliance members and nonmembers, and is structured for businesses of all sizes – ranging from start-ups to established enterprises. Sessions will be offered every Tuesday by appointment only at the Portland Business Alliance offices.

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