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An insight into the types of people who bet on sport, Peter reveals a passion for the Champions League and his beloved Liverpool, but he clearly states his disdain for the Premier League, and the gambling culture that has led him to this profession.

He reveals that his betting habits initially began at 14-years-old and he grew up in a social housing block in Manchester where there were no screens for games and society was heavily influenced by music.

Peter reveals his business card to Newsbeat. Picture: Newsbeat

“I bet through society. To start with, my pals would go to their local and I would take the day off school and we would go to one of the local bookies and lay bets.”

He puts that gambling habit down to his friend Jonny, who would often bring in friends from overseas.

When he was 16, Peter attended a meeting of the Manchester Gambling Association, which was founded in 2004 to combat problem gambling and protect vulnerable gamblers.

He explains: “They had been running a lot of campaigns about peer pressure. When I was there, they were trying to crack down on the violence towards the bookies because people were trying to collect money outside the shop. The trainers would take them and everything. They were like the feral kids of society.”

So how exactly did that lead him to become a bookmaker?

Peter manages bookmaker Beat The Bookmaker in Manchester. Picture: Newsbeat

“I was out with a friend who had a £100 pot on. He got a bad phone call and he ended up handing the pot in to a local bookies and walked off. I didn’t want to take it off him and so I said ‘Why don’t we set up a bookies and put your money on’ and I made the original investment.

“That led to all the staff betting on it. We were betting on everything and taking £3 bets. We built up the betting really quick and we were a very profitable business.”

However, as the business grew, Peter says they began to notice patterns.

He explains: “It was always kids, young people, teens and what looked like the kind of people you could con with cards. We came across one lot of young boys from a school who were very aggressive towards us and once we saw that it was impossible to move this group on, we started to not take bets off them.

“The only way to control this group of boys was to take on their bet to take on a big group of them.

“The big bet they were all pushing was a horse called Crooks Call. As a single £1 stake. It was unheard of, a stake like that. I went to the police and the area commander asked if I had the odds to back up it and I said I could, and he said to me: ‘You bet the market and I bet you, I need to see your book’.”

This risky bet attracted worldwide attention and the bookmaker was taken to court, which he says was rather intimidating.

He explains: “There were six of us there in court. I was wearing my all black suit and walked into court and all the jury looked at me, their faces dropped. They all looked at me and said: ‘You’re a bookie?’ and I said yes.

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