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Much of the renovation work was partially funded by the City’s Urban Renewal Matching Grant program. Another phase of the build out, not funded by the Matching Grant program, included construction of a Vietnamese temple that occupies a third of the building. The temple’s intricate hand carved, gilded gold altar and ornate sculptures were crafted by artisans from five separate villages in rural Vietnam over the course of more than two and a half years. Once completed, the materials were shipped overseas and assembled within the store. Jeffrey Allen Gallery now houses the only working temple of its kind in Oregon, creating a hidden gem in the middle of downtown.

This business is a natural for digital marketing because you can really target your most likely customers – owners of high end cars. Executive transportation companies may be another possibility. You can also do some guerilla marketing – walk around parking lots and stick a brochure or your business card on the windshield of sports and luxury vehicles.

A friend of mine recently signed up for online one-on-one personal training completely because of a compelling advertising message she saw on Facebook. The ad promised that in 8 weeks she would achieve tangible results and feel like a new person. My kids had a lot of fun with their own clothing boutique. It’s a great business either as an online store or a physical storefront.It’s a really fun business.

We also offer 5 other courses on social media marketing. So how can you get started with social media as a business? You can approach a local small business and tell them they will get a great deal because they are your first customer.

This holiday season, there are lots of ways to support Portland makers. Learn the steps to start a small business, get financing help from the government, and more. Offers are available to eligible Card Members for a limited time and are subject to change. Terms vary by offer; in some cases, enrollment limited.

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