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An insight into the types of people who bet on sport and the types of bets that are made.

For each race throughout the year we are ranking the bookies’ performance based on value. We are not just looking at price, we are also looking at a number of other metrics.

Many of the bookies mentioned have a current market share of 90% of the market, so by ranking them here we are saying that they are by far the best at what they do.

1) Ladbrokes – A fair bit of the betting on this site takes place through bet365, so as an equalisation measure we have put them second.

Price: 1.25

Value: 1.42

Drayton: “Ladbrokes have the best odds and best prices, but I still like to have a track record. Ladbrokes had 40% of the market share of the ante-post market. That’s not a particularly good reason to rank them first, but as the sports betting game changes, Ladbrokes’ dominance will fall away. Bet365 are the future, but they’re only in the 70s at present. On race day, their proposition doesn’t work as well as it does in pre-entry but that’s still better than the other bookies.”

2) Bet365 – I have it as first, as the big question mark over its value comes from the fact that Bet365 is able to take massive bets on horses. They have a big advantage in terms of staff, but their prices aren’t that competitive compared to Ladbrokes.

Price: 2.00

Value: 1.42

Drayton: “I do still put them second, as they’ve some good race prices, but they’re also the ones that take on the horse racing behemoths and can often beat them. We have them listed as second, but I have had them fourth a few times. You just can’t look past Ladbrokes’ history and their market share.”

3) Betfair – Betfair have traditionally been a no-no for us, as their odds are for new customers, but they are coming back into our fold with a vengeance. They have the most value at any time on the site with their odds changing every 10 seconds.

Price: 1.41

Value: 1.69

Drayton: “Betfair’s pricing is fantastic – they have the cheapest odds available of all of the bookies. I can’t remember the last time they changed odds as often as they do, and that leads to a little more risk-aversion from their punters.”

4) William Hill – The bookies have long been associated with ups and downs, but William Hill does seem to always have a steady hand at the wheel.

Price: 2.00

Value: 1.42

Drayton: “William Hill is one of the only bookies in the world who have the same price on all of the race they’re betting on. I don’t think they get mentioned a lot for this, but it could be a draw back. When I look at the prices, there isn’t a bookie out there that’s cheaper than William Hill, but I just don’t get them as much.”

5) Unibet – Unibet have had some big name ups and downs, but when the bookies do have an overall edge it’s on price.

Price: 1.45

Value: 1.56

Drayton: “Unibet has some brilliant value prices at the moment and a stable that’s been near the top of the leader board for a while now. If I had to pick a favourite on race day, it would probably be them.”

I’m in the bookies and I think I am better than you.

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