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An insight into the types of people who bet on sport can be found at The Moonrakers. Based in Dublin, this satirical horse racing bar holds bets on a wide range of horse racing and sport events and then delivers matchday tweets from all the venues they are attending. This blog and their Twitter account in particular are the source of much of the humour in this post.

You can’t watch the World Cup without #tipsters. The #worldcup tweeters of this year are doing their best to keep the matches interesting as the Cup goes on. Here is a collection of tips from the tweeting sports fans on these three horse racing events.

The Irish Times show an interest in the sport but they also have a penchant for controversy and it seems the World Cup has brought plenty of it. If the organisers of the draw of 32 for the World Cup are to be believed then they wanted Ireland to be in group B with England, Colombia and Japan.

While there are plenty of events going on at the start of the week, the World Cup will kick off proper this Saturday and this is the week Irish horse racing enthusiasts are putting their money on.

Arriving at Turf Club from the #worldcup draw #iepostprænticenavella #Horn #likeaUSridder pic.twitter.com/i8cwWHcw4e — Irish Turf Club (@irishturfclub) December 1, 2018

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