Well-known Sports Bettors. Men and women Of which Gamble With Athletics Regarding Any Lifestyle

An insight into the types of people who bet on sport.

Pegasus Beach Stopover on 5 May 2014.

Photo © Meighan Milne.

Partner “Quixote”, from Taiwan, showed us how to work a one – armed paddle around Neptune Island.

Photo © Meighan Milne.

There were some members of the crew with an impressive background in the water, which did not prevent us from floating past one island in utter darkness.

Partner “Eden”, from Taiwan, on horseback.

Photo © Meighan Milne.

“Fearless” replaced Partner “Cannon” who was suffering with a back injury that required him to spend most of his time on deck.

Sprint crew member and rower “Red Dragon” followed, carrying his heavy bag.

On this photo he is about to go inside the tent.

The tent was pitched behind the wheelhouse.

There was plenty of wind, but we never had the conditions to go to the stars.

(Photo © Meighan Milne)

On the final evening we sailed into high sea and there was huge swell.

We could hardly move!

Three quarters of the crew was made up of outsiders and they were very concerned about the dangerous situation.

It was all that we could do to hold them back from going forward.

All of the passengers were scared out of their wits.

When we finally got to shelter at dawn we told them that we had a clever plan.

By that time all of the passengers were feeling calmer, because of the confidence that I could muster.

I managed to explain to them that we were not going forward.

The waves were so big that the sea wall had been thrown into a maelstrom of white water, churning past at 30 knots.

Some of the passengers were so scared that they said that they were leaving!

In the last photo we are looking out to sea, like the vast ocean before the storm.

It was a sight to behold!

When we finally managed to finish our training, the Europeans, with the exception of “Alaska”, elected to stay on.

The rest of us set off for Sydney.

It was the beginning of November and there was no traffic.

We left in the middle of the day.

We left behind a port with whom we had shared so many good times.

Me and my crew all helped each other out, talking over the stress and enjoying the peace of the journey to the Australian continent.

Everyone stayed dry.

The passengers even jumped in the water to cool off.

We had a big dinner, followed by a celebration, after which we were all relieved to get back into our dry tents.

The highlight of the trip for me was that we got to give back to many of the people who had been so kind to us.

On each of the overland trips we were able to entertain passengers by playing various card games with them and showing them a card trick.

We would play a game that called for one partner to guess the length of their partner’s nose, while they had to guess the length of their partner’s hand.

My favourite part was when we played wild poker.

I would work as hard as I could, but because I was from Europe, I would almost always lose to the local rascals who would bet in Swiss francs.

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